Web Design for Schools
in South Africa

SASchools Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions are applicable to all web design projects undertaken by SASchools.


  • This document forms an integral part of any proposal or agreement by SASchools and the Terms and Conditions are binding on SASchools and on existing and new clients.
  • The Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time, and such changes are binding. The latest version of the document will always be available on our website at https://saschools.co.za and it is advisable for all clients to refer to the latest version from time to time. In the case of any major substantive changes, existing clients will be advised by email of such changes.
  • Should an existing client not be prepared to accept such changes, he is required to notify us in writing within a period of two weeks, clearly stating the reasons therefore.
  • In some cases a specific “Web Design Proposal” will be drawn up for a particular project. It may occur that there are overlapping or conflicting references between these Terms and Conditions and the specific Proposal, in which case the Proposal will take preference.

New Designs

  • All text and photos to be included on the website are to be provided by the client. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that such material is not subject to copyright held by a third party.
  • It is kindly requested that all material supplied by the client:
    • be provided in electronic format, preferably via e-mail;
    • be in standard Microsoft format (MS-Word document, Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation), jpg format for photos, gif format for other graphics, and Portable Document Format (pdf) for documents which are to be published as-is on the website. Other formats may also be acceptable – please consult with us on the matter.
  • In all cases where a deposit is required, such deposit will be payable up front and no work will be undertaken on the web design until the deposit has been received.
  • Due to budget constraints we do not normally undertake a visit to the client. Where this is however requested by the client for the purpose of clarifying design requirements, or for subsequent updates to an already existing site, such a visit will be charged for at our standard hourly rate (including traveling time). We may at our discretion waive this cost or include it as part of the contracted fee.
  • On completion of the design the work will be submitted to the client for approval.
    • On approval by the client the balance of the quoted price becomes payable and SASchools will invoice the client accordingly.
    • Should the client not be satisfied he is required to submit detailed reasons therefore within a period of one week, failing which it will be assumed that the work is acceptable and the balance of the quoted price becomes payable.
  • In the unlikely event that we are unable to satisfy a client’s needs or wishes, the website will be removed and the balance of the fee will be waived. The deposit is however non-refundable. Under these circumstances the client MAY NOT make any use of the designs or concepts that we have developed.
  • Additional work or changes requested by the client after acceptance will be invoiced additionally, unless provided for in the agreement.


  • We kindly request that an invoice be paid within a period of two weeks. If it is not paid within that time a reminder will be sent to the client. If after a period of a further two weeks the invoice is still not paid, we reserve the right:
    • To remove the website in question until such time as payment is received; and/or
    • To replace the home page with a notice that the website is suspended pending payment.

Domain Registration

  • Where a new domain name (e.g. https://myschool.co.za) is to be registered or an existing domain name is to be transferred we shall register Alphabyte Web Creations, which is the parent company of SASchools, as the domain owner, unless otherwise requested by the client. We do this not to gain any unfair control of the name, but simply to prevent the client from receiving confusing messages from the hosting authority.
  • The client may at any time request that domain ownership be transferred to himself or to a third party. Provided that there is no payment outstanding to SAShools, we shall approve and facilitate such transfer. The client will be responsible for any costs involved.


  • Copyright and ownership of any material supplied by the client (text, graphics or photos) remains with the client. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that any such material supplied is not subject to copyright by a third party.
  • Copyright and ownership of the web design components remains with SASchools.


  • Renewal of hosting and/or maintenance contracts will normally be on an annual basis. As we are required to confirm or cancel the renewal of the hosting account and the domain name registration before expiry of the 12 month period, we shall normally invoice such renewals after an initial period of 10 months, and thereafter annually (i.e. 12-monthly). These periods are taken into account in the cost structure. We request that an invoice be paid within a period of two weeks. If it is not paid within that time a reminder will be sent to the client, and if after a further two weeks the invoice is still not paid or if alternative payment arrangements have not been made, we reserve the right:
    • to remove the website in question until such time as payment is received; and/or
    • to replace the home page with a notice that the website is suspended pending payment.
    • to cancel the hosting account and domain name registration.
  • Should the client subsequently decide to re-instate his website:
    • a new contract may be required.
    • new hosting set-up and domain registration fees will be payable.

Transfer or Cancellation

  • Should a client decide to cancel his contract with us or to transfer his hosting elsewhere, we unfortunately cannot refund any monies already paid as our hosting costs and domain renewal fees are paid annually in advance.


  • We are not responsible for any loss of any form or nature whatsoever by the client.
  • We do not host any websites ourselves. Although we take great care in the selection of our hosting service provider(s) we cannot guarantee the up-time nor the availability of the site at any specific time.
  • We cannot guarantee the site against possible defacement by a malicious third-party; however in the unlikely event that this should occur we shall take whatever steps we can to re-instate the site as soon as possible.
  • We cannot guarantee e-mail addresses against misuse by third parties (spam mail).
  • We cannot guarantee availabilty or deliverabilty of the email service or specific sent or received emails. It is the client's resonsibility to ensure that he maintains backups of all his emails.
  • Although Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an important element of our designs, we cannot give any guarantees with regard to search engine listings or placements.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any copyright infringements on material supplied to us by the client.

Revision History

  • 06-04-2020:
    • Standard and Prime packages have been introduced; ad-hoc quotes may still be issued
    • This website design has been revised
  • 08-08-2019:
    • Standardised packages have been discontinued; future quotes will be issued on an ad-hoc basis.
    • This website layout and appearance have been revised
  • 16-08-2016: Prime-Plus option (Responsive layout) added
  • 23-03-2016: D-I-Y and Self-Updating options discontinued
  • 13-12-2012: Layout revised
  • 29-11-2012: Minor typographical changes
  • 13-06-2011: Minor typographical changes
  • 02-09-2009: Original publication